Keratin Treatment Camberwell

Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Perming & More

At Zanik Hair Design, we understand that sometimes people are looking for more specialised hair services. Fortunately, our team can provide a range of specialised services for men and women alike. Whether you want scalp bleaching to achieve a different look or you’re looking for keratin smoothing treatment in Melbourne for silkier and less frizzy hair, we have you covered.

Scalp Bleaching

Starting from $90, our scalp bleaching services can permanently lighten dark hair and facilitate the application of temporary toners for unique hair colours. You can rest assured that we use safe products and techniques that will not cause lasting damage. The price of colour work varies depending on the length, condition and thickness of your hair. Adding Smart Bond strengthening treatment to colour will cost $20 while a take home Smart Bond conditioner costs $45.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Starting from $150 per hour, our keratin smoothing treatment in Camberwell can provide you with smoother and straighter hair. We use specialised products and effective procedures to get your hair less frizzy and reduce your daily blow-drying time by up to 60%. Repeat treatments every 8 to 10 weeks are recommended to maintain results.


If you want to enjoy curly hair for several weeks or months at a time, the team at Zanik Hair Design can provide professional perming starting from $110. This involves applying heat and chemicals to mould your hair around the shape of the form you desire.

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